How to treat a Hernia?

Unpleasant discomfort in the back can cause growths between the vertebrae. This phenomenon is the result of neglected osteochondrosis, sciatica. Hernias cause severe back pain when turning or bending the torso, walking, and even at rest. You need to know which pills are taken in case of similar symptoms.Hernia treatment includes pain medication. Diclofenac injections and tablets are among the most benign drugs. It has small contraindications, in contrast to other nonsteroidal drugs.Also during the period of treatment of a herniated disc, muscle relaxants are widely used (Mydocalm, Sirdalud). They block the signals of the nervous system in the damaged fibers, thereby relaxing the muscles of the back.

It should be noted that the treatment of a hernia is possible only by surgery. Painkillers are prescribed to relieve discomfort before surgery, as well as to eliminate seizures in the back during the rehabilitation period.

Note! Intervertebral hernia itself does not disappear. At the expense of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, it is possible to relieve the condition, but not get rid of the pathology.

The most effective painkillers

The appearance of unpleasant sensations in the back, which interfere in everyday life, requires an immediate appeal for help. Pain in any part of the spinal column may indicate the presence of pathologies dangerous to health.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system are treated at once by several types of medicines. Among the most effective and frequently prescribed nonsteroidal drugs are:Naproxen-acre tablets are a non-steroidal group of drugs, it relieves pain well and reduces fever. At the price means available (on average 90 rubles).

Ketorolac pill form is also a good painkiller. Often it is used after surgery, as well as neuralgia. The cost for 20 tablets does not exceed 150 p.

Diclofenac is an affordable drug that is very effective in its analgesic effect. It is widely used not only for discomfort in the back, but also for other pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. Product form: tablets and vials for injection. Price range from 20 to 90 p.

Non-steroid medications are the most affordable anti-back pain remedies. They relieve inflammation, swelling in the affected area, for a long time, facilitate the patient’s condition.

Muscle relaxants

In the treatment of pathologies of the spine, including the elimination of pain due to herniated intervertebral, drugs of the group of muscle relaxants are used. They complement the action of nonsteroidal drugs.

List of the most effective muscle relaxants:

  • Mydocalm – pills that help relax your back muscles. Reduction of spasm in soft tissues helps to reduce compression on the nerve roots. The price of this drug is 415 p. for 30 tablets.
  • Sirdalud – means reduces muscle tone in the back, which reduces pain in it. Tablets are available in 2 mg and 4 mg. Price ranges from 240 p. up to 350 r. depending on the dosage.
  • Baklosan – the drug soothes back pain due to the fact that it blocks impulses that enter the muscles from the nervous system. The tool has a long lasting effect. Tablets can be of different dosages – 10 mg per 1 ton (290 r. Per pack in 50 pcs.), 25 mg per 50 pcs. (590 r.).

Note! In a complex, muscle relaxants and nonsteroidal drugs produce a high analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect in the affected areas.The list of effective drugs for diseases of the back also includes strong pain pills. These are mainly opioid drugs that are strictly prescribed by a doctor. The most effective include such tablets:

Strong drugs can effectively and permanently eliminate acute back pain, but with prolonged use cause addiction. After treatment with such agents, withdrawal is required, sometimes with the help of appropriate specialists. Therefore, a strong anesthetic opioid tablets in the pharmacy can not buy. They are used strictly under medical supervision.