Drug prescribing groups

Heart disease sometimes makes people disabled and causes death even in developed countries. Regardless of the variety of diseases, the characteristics of almost all of them are similar. What medications to take for pain in the heart, depends on the diagnosis. All drugs are divided into categories: Reflex medications. They create a favorable effect, eliminating pain due to neuralgia and vascular neuralgia. The true cause may remain unknown, so the pain due to the pills disappear before the next attack. These drugs include Corvalol with Validol. Nitrates These pain medications for heart pain are created on the basis of nitroglycerin, isosorbitol or mononitraz. With their help, prevention of angina pectoris and myocardial infarction is possible, as well as they are taken for coronary heart disease.

  • Antiplatelet agents. These pills against heart pain are aimed at improving the rheological parameters of blood. Drugs are needed for the risk of thrombosis, recurrent heart attack, or to prevent acute heart failure.
  • Calcium antagonists. They have antiarrhythmic properties and are calcium channel blockers. Drugs in this group are needed for ischemic heart disease, palpitations and hypertension. The agents lower blood pressure well and are suitable as antihypertensive drugs.
  • Beta blockers. Due to the decrease in heart rate, these drugs for heart pain reduce the need for oxygen in the myocardium. Tablets of this type are needed for hypertension, coronary disease, arrhythmias and after a heart attack.
  • Fibrates and statins. The pills belonging to this group lower cholesterol and increase the amount of beneficial fats in the blood. Basically, these drugs are prescribed as concomitant treatment.

Corvalol and analogues Valocordin, Corvalol and other analogues of these drugs are designed to reduce irritability, neurosis, palpitations, eliminate insomnia. The principle of action of tablets is based on the general calming effect on the central nervous system. Tablets dilate blood vessels, improving blood supply to the myocardium. Thanks to this, the pain in the heart behind the rib cage quickly disappears. These drugs have side effects. They usually cause dizziness, drowsiness, slow down the reaction. Independently to take them should not, you must first talk to the doctor. When heart pain is caused by serious cardiac pathologies, Valocordin or Corvalol may not help. In such situations, emergency medical care is needed – the life of the patient depends on it. As a pre-medical benefit, try taking Corvalol or Valocordin, but call an ambulance after that. Validol The most popular and popular pills for heart pain include Validol. The preparation contains components that expand the blood vessels. Among them are menthol and valerian extract. The effect of the pills is weak enough to eliminate angina, but many people take them. Basically, they do it for complacency. You can take the pills inside without drinking water (just put it under the tongue and absorb it).

Heart drops

This medicine for pain in the heart is made on the basis of herbal ingredients (hawthorn, valerian, lily of the valley, etc.). The remedies have a good sedative effect and instantly dilate blood vessels. Unlike pills, drops have an important advantage: they are quickly absorbed, relieving pain in a matter of minutes. Doctors from heart pains are often prescribed by doctors as a prophylactic agent for cardiologic diseases and if the heart is sore from nerves. This is due to the almost complete absence of side effects. Heart drops are sold in pharmacies under different names, but the pharmacist will advise you something.


To popular drugs, when the heart hurts, include nitroglycerin. With its help, the pain caused by various cardiac pathologies is removed, and it has been used since the end of the XIX century. This drug has become the first of its kind, and it is still relevant today. Nitroglycerin suppresses heart attacks, but sometimes doctors replace it with analogues if the patient develops individual intolerance. The effect of Nitroglycerin is fast and persistent. This is due to the rapid absorption into the blood and the expansion of blood vessels, due to which the myocardium receives enough blood and is reduced better. Compared with Validol, Nitroglycerin has a more powerful effect, so it is used even for heart attacks. The effect occurs in the next 5-10 minutes after ingestion. If the result is not strong enough, 10 minutes after the first tablet, take another one. You can take these pills for heart pain without drinking water: you just need to put it under your tongue and dissolve.

Asparkam and Panangin

These two pain preparations for the hearts are almost identical and come in pills. Asparkam has a shell, while Panangin has a form of ordinary domestic pills.