Medications for back pain

Painkillers for back pain prescribed in the framework of drug therapy for diseases of the back and spine. After all, the majority of pathologies occur in a chronic form, the patient is constantly overcome by pain syndrome, which interferes with leading a normal life and aggravates the situation.

Prescribing painkillers for pain in the back should be done by the attending physician, you can not do anything on your own.

Dosage and choice of the drug is always very important, because there are side effects and contraindications. Therefore, the first measure for back pain and other parts of the back is a high-quality diagnosis. After the examination, the doctor prescribes a full course of treatment, including painkillers.

It is possible to remove or reduce the pain syndrome with drugs and physiotherapy, and it is better to combine them. In some situations, costing medication. As for drugs with anesthetic effect, they can be divided into 2 large groups: narcotic and non-narcotic


Any painkiller with back pain of this kind is potent, the effect is achieved very quickly. Many doctors are afraid to use this kind of drugs.

The use of narcotic drugs is not recommended, but in some situations the pain is very strong. A striking example is intervertebral hernia of a large size, the pressure on the nerve endings is constant with occasional bouts of even more severe pain.

The main disadvantage of such drugs is the effect of addiction. A person can become a drug addict, and it is very difficult to get rid of it.


There are several types of non-narcotic painkillers for lower back pain in the thoracic and cervical regions. Dosages and types of drugs may vary, depending on the location of the pain syndrome.

Standard drugs with analgesic effect:

  • Antispasmodics;
  • Analgesics;
  • Warming up;
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory.

Such drugs for back pain usually go in a complex, the doctor prescribes the dosage and brand of drugs. It is also important to know the duration of the use of painkillers, as side effects are possible.

Analgesics are used to relieve pain. It is important to choose the right painkiller for back pain, for this it is necessary to determine the disease. With degenerative-dystrophic changes in the structure of intervertebral discs, it is important to approach the issue in a comprehensive manner. Preparations will be of different types.

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It is necessary to remove muscle spasm and to establish blood circulation in the affected area, for this purpose muscle relaxants (Mydocalm) are used. It is also necessary to remove inflammation, in this case non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac) will help. If your back hurts for other reasons, such as banal stretching, then use other drugs. Warming ointments of a distracting nature will be effective.

If the back is bleed, muscle spasm is formed. It is necessary to apply muscle relaxants in order to improve blood circulation and relieve pain. In severe situations, it is recommended to use muscle relaxants with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory

Due to the special active ingredients, anti-inflammatory agents act on the inflammatory focus, removing the edema, providing a cooling effect. It is recommended to use for spinal pathologies with a pronounced inflammatory process. It is important to consult a doctor, because not all patients need anti-inflammatory drugs.

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There are many types of nonsteroidal means, here are some of them:

  • Diclofenac. Excellent drug, widely used in the CIS countries. Usually used in osteochondrosis and spinal injuries;
  • Ketoprofen. Very effective in treating all sorts of arthritis;
  • Ketorolac. Excellent anti-inflammatory agent for the back, especially effective in injuries and during the rehabilitation period after spinal surgery.

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Muscle relaxants

Muscle painkillers carry a powerful analgesic effect in combination with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It is necessary to carefully select muscle relaxants for your body, because an excessive effect can reduce the performance of muscle fibers, which worsens the posture and increases the load on the spine.

If everything is selected correctly, the drug has a very beneficial effect on the entire body. In connection with the removal of the pain syndrome, the mobility of the back returns, the emotional state improves, the brain begins to function better.

Muscle relaxants are well tolerated by people, but some should refrain from taking:

  • Pregnant girls;
  • Nursing mothers;
  • Hypersensitive allergies;
  • Small children.


And how to treat back pain without affecting the disease itself? For this purpose, invented special painkillers. Such drugs come in different strengths. Usually it is possible to relieve pain with the help of classical analgesics:

  • Analgin;
  • Aspirin;
  • Paracetamol.

Any analgesics are used with insufficient effect from previous courses of drugs (antispasmodics, nonsteroidal). You must consult your doctor about the dosage and duration of the course of taking a particular drug.

There are some side effects in the form of increased drowsiness and rashes on the skin. If you do not follow the recommendations of the doctor, be prepared for such manifestations.

If you treat your back correctly, then the attacks of severe pain should not occur, but if such a situation nevertheless arose, the treating physician may prescribe potent analgesics. In no case should you change the dosage increase or take such drugs for longer than the prescribed period. Failure to comply with the rules may cause malfunctions in the digestive system and malfunction of the nervous system.

Pain relief injections

This method is best to help relieve back pain if conventional means does not help. After all, injection treatment is quite quick and effective. It is important to choose the right place for the injection. You can prick the buttock, in the region of the sternum or in the place of localization of the affected intervertebral disc. After the injection it is necessary to attach something warm to the site of the lesion.

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You need to ask your doctor what types of drugs are best suited for you, taking into account the severity of the condition and the individual characteristics of the organism. But it is also worth remembering the contraindications of such procedures:

  • Children and adolescence;
  • Allergy sufferers with respiratory diseases;
  • People with serious pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, etc.).


And how to relieve pain, if it does not show itself very strongly? Ointments will be an excellent option. If the lumbar region hurts, you can use more ointment.

Quite a strong analgesic, a representative of anesthetic ointments, Dolobene gel. Combined drug not only helps to cure pain, but also partially affects the inflammatory process. Also very effective are such ointments as Fast Gel and Fastum Gel. There are still warming ointments, Finalgon is an excellent example. Rubbing of this kind are not used in the inflammatory process. Ointments that contain bee venom are also prohibited.

Pain relief candles

Candles are also a great way to relieve pain. Separately, you can select a category of people who are concerned about the pathology of digestion. Such patients cannot use some pills and ointments, an allergic reaction and aggravation of the situation may begin. The disadvantage of this procedure is the lack of effectiveness with severe pain during attacks.